Junior High 7 v 7 Fall Ball


Fall Competitive Lacrosse Opportunity:

A new opportunity available this Fall for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders to continue developing their Lacrosse skills and play a fun, fast-paced, and competitive level of lacrosse. Boise Youth Lacrosse Club (newly formed) is partnering with Eagle Youth Lacrosse Club to play competitive but friendly 7vs7 games this Fall, and will evolve to be 10vs10 teams aligned by High School in the Spring season. Boise Youth Lacrosse will be supported by the Boise area high schools (Timberline, Bishop Kelly, Boise High) with coaches and players assisting in the development of the Junior High players to help them develop and prepare for playing Lacrosse in High School. 

Who: Any Boise area 6th, 7th, and 8th grade players who intent to play Lacrosse in High School and want to develop their skills with a similar set of competitive players. Players should have played at least 1 season of lacrosse. Our goal is to have enough players to have 2 teams of 12 players each with a 6/7 grade team and a 7/8 grade team (Eagle will build their teams the same).

When: Begin after Labor Day and conclude prior to Halloween. Games will be on Saturdays, with 1-2 ‘clinics’ each week (based on HS coaches availability). We will be enlisting the help of High School players, coaches, and others to provide skill development. The clinics are optional, as many players are doing other sports in the fall, and will be focused on individual skill development. Games & Clinics will be scheduled to avoid conflicting with other programs as much as possible.

Where: Games will alternate between Les Bois Junior High and Eagle Middle School, with clinics for Boise being held at Les Bois.

Games: The 7vs7 format is played on a smaller field, with 1 goalie, 2 Defenders, 2 Middies, and 2 Attack. The game is fast paced and great for developing individual and team skills. Teams will ideally have about 11-12 players, so every player gets a lot of playing time and touches. 

Cost: $75, covers pinnies (jerseys), field & team equipment costs

Contact: Boiselacrosseclub@gmail.com or call/text Ben Wynkoop